Features IP information
Port Scanner
Net Connections
LAN Scanner
DNS Lookup
IP Calculator
Wake on LAN
Log Connections
IP Finder
Router Tuning
And even more...

Speed up your network. Today.

Must app for tech geeks. Very nice app with plenty of information about the IP, I was facing trouble connecting my Smart TV with the phone because of this app I Found my Internal IP of the router.

Shaleen Makwana

Greate. Network Admin's friend.

Ian Curley

It's a dream. Makes my job so much easier!

El Nene

Too cool. This app is awesome I don't need my laptop anymore to fix networks.

Mike Lewis

Love it. Plenty of network diagnostic tools at your finger tips!

Travis Wright

Amazing and I bought it. This is one of few apps I would be happy to pay for.

David Park